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Welcome to Features Page for the Guitar Mode Maker, guitar scales, chords and modes for guitar players and bass guitar players!

Welcome to the features page for Guitar Mode Maker and Bass Guitar Mode maker.

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Guitar Mode Maker 2.0 features:

Easy scale creation by clicking on the fretboard, note list or piano keyboard
Easy scale transposition
Ability to save Guitar Scale files, even in trial version
Ability to 'hear' your scale played by acoustic guitar, 12-string or piano
750 Scales and chords TO START WITH!
Ability to print guitar scale on printer!
Easier to use interface (Screen Shot)

Do you want to find out more, VIEW THE GMM 2.0 USER MANUAL

Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 for LINUX
Bass Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 for Windows
Bass Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 for Linux

Want to see a Screen shot of this program? You can see how this program is easy to use for any level of user! You can easily add and subtract notes and transpose up or down. Download this software and give it a try!

Both Guitar Mode Maker for Linux and Bass Mode Maker start out with hundreds of scales, modes, and chords. This program is a great way to get to know your instrument better!

Bass Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 for Windows will only be available for a limited time

Recommended by 4 out of 5 Dentists who chew electric guitars!

Some Example Chords included are  Bb 7th , Bb 7th ,  Bb 7th , Bb 7th ,  Bb 7th

This easy to learn program also has the capability of the user sharing their scales with others through a new and improved, unique scale file (.GS2 file)!

Some Example Scales included are  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2)

Click on one of the links to download a trial version or to learn more about Guitar and Bass mode maker

Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 for linux comes with hundreds of scales, chords and modes to help you learn! Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 is available only for Linux. Additionally for BASS GUITAR PLAYERS, Bass Guitar Mode Maker! Now bass players can have all the scales, modes and chords too! Bass Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 available for download now!

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